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Blow Out Preventer (BOP) test stumps are often used for manufacturers to test their BOP or drillers testing operations at off-shore and on-shore drilling rig. BOP TEST STUMP is designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A or API 16A standard.we provide all sizes and pressure ratings BOP TEST STUMP used for BOP test.

A BOP test stump may have base plate, side and bottom ports, and fixed or removable Test mandrel retaining threads.

CCSC's BOP TEST STUMP configurations:

Model A

• On base plate .
• With test ports &drain port.
• Fixed mandrel retaining thread.
bop test stump model a

Model B

• On base plate .
• With test ports &drain port.
• Changeable mandrel retaining threads.
bop test stump model b

Model C

• On base plate .
• With test ports and view port.
• Fixed mandrel retaining thread.
• Fast lock connector and bop x-overs.
model c bop test stump

Basic material of construction is alloy steel. For corrosion resistance, we can overlay 316 SS or Inconel 625 on the ring groove to improve product life if required.CCSC's customizable BOP TEST STUMP allow customers to design their ideal product for reliable and consistent performance.

down load BOP test stump PDF file

BOP Test Stump (PDF)